Job responsibilities

  • Based on the company's product base, issue plans and drawings, and plan detailed design of non-standard products;
  • Be responsible for the design process tracking, feedback and adjustment of products;
  • according to the design drawings, responsible for the processing, assembly process, feedback and adjustment of project products;
  • Responsible for compiling and documenting product assembly process, debugging and necessary work instructions.

Job requirements

  • College degree or above, major in mechanical design or related majors (excellent fresh graduates can also be considered);
  • More than 2 years of experience in mechanical equipment industry is preferred;
  • Proficient in using mainstream design tools such as Creo 3D design and CAD 2D design software;
  • Debugging machines, Carry out machine debugging according to the drawings, improve performance, conduct product testing, find problems, and have certain requirements for hands-on operation;
  • If you have knowledge about related electricity, microprocessors, etc., priority will be given.