Technology development

The current of active balancing products on the market is smaller in order of magnitude than the charging or load current. It cannot compensate for the difference in power between battery cells. Battery protection based on high-current active balancing technology is urgently needed.

Based on granted utility patents, this technology combines super-capacitors with excellent power density and batteries with ultra-high energy density, and transfers energy between cells, to effectively and timely minimize capability differences due to cell inconsistencies. This technology breaks through the existing technical bottlenecks of various active balancing, and the transfer current is an order of magnitude higher under the condition of comparable cost to match the charging and load currents. Different battery cells can be equalized in situ during charging and discharging. It helps the packs to achieve superior performance in increasing battery energy efficiency, extending battery life, and reducing battery matching costs. The active balancing can be performed continuously under charging, discharging and no-load conditions. The timely balancing of the battery pack during the charging process greatly avoids accidents caused by overcharging.

Our intellectual property

Yuanse Technology has a number of invention patents and has built technical barriers in the industry.