Automated Li-ion Battery Equilizer

It is the first in the industry to launch a portable battery pack repair instrument based on active equalization. Compared with similar products on the market, it has the advantages of low energy consumption, light weight, easy operation and fast equalization speed.

Electric bicycle and electric motorcycle battery active balance protection board

This electric bicycle and electric motorcycle battery active balance protection board continuously balances the transfer current. It exceeds by an order of magnitude of power transfer rate of any products currently on the market with comparable size and cost. It is capable of equalizing cells under charging, discharging, and standby states, which cannot be achieved by other passive equalization methods. Due to the simplicity of the technology, the protection board can provide unparalleled continuous active equalization current at the same price.

The continuous effective transfer current of this electric bicycle balanced protection board exceeds one amps. Through the power transfer of several times or even orders of magnitude higher than existing technologies, the battery pack can be properly balanced timely, thereby maximizing its safety, efficiency, and longevity.

Engine start battery balancing board

As the lithium battery gradually replaces the traditional engine-started lead-acid battery, the safe use and life of the lithium battery need to be paid attention to.

The balancing current of this balancing board is about five amps. It automatically shuts down when the engine stops, and wakes up every ten minutes to monitor the state of the battery pack and then back to its shutdown state. When the engine starts, the balancing board continuously monitors the balancing state of the battery pack, starts balancing when the maximum voltage difference between the battery strings reaches a certain threshold, and reduces to monitoring states when the voltage difference is below a certain target threshold.