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Our success depends on great people. We are constantly looking for talented, hard-working individuals with dedication and motivation. If you are looking for a rewarding career, please check out our latest job postings below. Apply online today.

  • Mechanical Engineer

    Job responsibilities Based on the company's product base, issue plans and drawings, and plan detailed design of non-standard products; Be responsible for the design process tracking, feedback and adjustment of products; according to the design drawings, responsible for the processing,...

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  • Electronics Engineer

    Job Responsibilities: Participate in the company's product research and development tasks, including design, commissioning, production and technical support; According to the company's product plan, be responsible for completing the product development and process flow of the control...

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  • Software engineer

    Job responsibilities Mainly responsible for the software development of the controller, participate in the architecture design and development of control systems; Be responsible for the evaluation of the application of the control software in the project, determine the requirements, and...

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